Appliances Are Rented for a Monthly Fee…

Stove: $20/month

Refrigerator: $20/month

Washer: $25/month

Dryer: $25/month



(937) 985-4669

Application Procedures/Checklist

Please be advised that applications cannot be processed unless they are complete & legible and all requested documents are presented. Please provide the following items along with your rental application:

o   Completed and Signed application for each adult (18 years of age +)


o   An application fee of $35.00 per applicant (paid in cash or money order only)



o   Income verification- must be legal and verifiable

(copy of current paystub showing YTD earnings, tax returns, letter of hire, etc. If self-employed, please provide last 3 month’s bank statements and two years tax returns.)


o   Proof of present address (if address is not on a paystub or driver’s license)

(e.g., copy of utility bill)


o   Copy of Driver’s License, state issued photo ID, Government ID card or Passport.


o   Current Monthly Bank Statement (with explanation of irregular or large deposits/withdrawals).


o   Letter of Referral from current or previous landlord.

The following may be grounds for automatic denial of application:

Evictions, non-discharged bankruptcies (24 months), foreclosures (12 months), felony or other serious criminal convictions.


Deposits may be determined in the following manner:

If your monthly Income:  1) 3X the rent amount   2) legal   3) verifiable = Standard Deposit.

                                                                  If income is not 3x the monthly rent amount:

                                                                  Debt to Income ratio Under 38% = Standard Deposit

                                                                  38.1-42% = Deposit + half.  42.1-44% = Double Deposit.

                         (Debts are defined as minimum monthly obligations per your credit report)